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The leading law and consulting company Analitik Amberlla Group, offers you legal and accounting support for your business. We also provide registration services   LTD,   PO,   PE,   IE,   recruitment and market research.


A variety of our activities are both legal services and accounting services for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. So, let's take a closer look at what really represents the given kind of legal and accounting services? What is the key difference between a full-time lawyer and an accountant? In fact, subscriber service is practically complete outsourcing of the company's business functions. Speaking in a more accessible language, this is stipulated by a written contract of cooperation, with a clearly defined amount of services required by the client and a fixed fee for them.


As a result, it turns out that the relevant company, in need of this type of service, signs the relevant contract. As a rule, the contract provides the required amount of services rendered and their monthly fixed cost. The provision of the necessary services to the client takes place through the appointment of a personal professional who, in turn, studies all the necessary materials in the shortest possible time and provides the client with appropriate qualified assistance. Competent legal and accounting support will help any economic entity, whether it be a natural person - an entrepreneur or a legal entity, to achieve significantly better results in the course of its activities and will save its time and money. We have highly qualified specialists.


Therefore, in no case should not refuse the opportunity to receive quality services of this type. - And taking into account subitem 11, paragraph 16-1, Section XV "TRANSITIONAL PROVISIONS" of the Constitution of Ukraine according to which representation in accordance with paragraph 3 of part one of Article 131-1 and article 131-2 of this Constitution exclusively by prosecutors or lawyers in the Supreme Court and courts of cassation carried out from January 1, 2017; in courts of appellate instance - from January 1, 2018; in the courts of first instance - from January 1, 2019, this kind of cooperation will relieve you of the need to search for and conclude additional agreements with lawyers for representation in courts, as this will be our problem. Therefore, in no case should not refuse the opportunity to receive quality services of this type.


In order to fully understand all the features provided by our company, you should familiarize yourself with the most common types of services that are included in this concept.: 

• consultation of a lawyer and accountant on the current activity of the enterprise;
• legal audit, accounting audit (partial or full);
• preparation of claims, objections, claims, contracts, job descriptions, collective agreements, etc.);
• participation in negotiations with inspections of regulatory bodies;
• representation of interests in municipal, state and law enforcement agencies;
• examination and drafting of contracts;
• pre-trial settlement of disputes;
• representation of the Client's interests in court regarding the execution of a court decision in the executive service.


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