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Accounting services


Our company provides professional accounting services to business entities - individuals to entrepreneurs and legal entities. By entrusting our accounting with our specialists, you will receive: saving your time for servicing your company, excellent reporting and the lack of problems with the tax authorities.


The service of accounting for subjects of entrepreneurial activity - the IE includes:


•  keeping records of income and expenses;
•  management of personnel records of an entity;
•  salary calculation;
•  filling in and timely delivery of reports for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, in accordance with the law;
•  calculation of contributions and reporting to the Pension Fund;
•  filling in and submitting a report of individual entrepreneurs - as a single tax payer.


The service of accounting and tax accounting for enterprises includes:


•  development of accounting policy at the enterprise;
•  conducting payments with suppliers and buyers;
•  payroll;
•  keeping records of income and expenses;
•  tax calculation, submission of tax returns and tax calculations to tax authorities, carrying out inspections with tax authorities;
•  Timely preparation of financial statements in accordance with the law.


Accounting support:

Accounting support is the service of accounting and tax accounting, as well as the preparation of accounting and tax reporting in the statutory terms. The accounting services include the maintenance of primary documentation in the automated program 1C, calculation and payment of taxes, the systematization of credentials in the context of individual indicators and accounts.

We will undertake accounting services: responsibility for transactions and closing reporting periods, preparation and delivery of accounting and tax reporting in DFS, statistics, funds, as well as performing reconciliation of settlements with tax authorities and representing your organization interests in all of the above bodies. The company "Analitik Umbrella Group" provides accounting services to individuals entrepreneurs and enterprises of various forms of ownership.


Our company will undertake the preparation and delivery of reports of any complexity.


You just started a business, but you do not have an accountant or for some reason you were left without a highly qualified accountant? Our experts will take on all the questions and tasks of your company.


We help your business in the most difficult issue for you - reporting to supervisory authorities. All the minor mistakes made in this area lead to significant costs for your business.


Our specialists constantly monitor the peculiarities and innovations of accounting and taxation legislation. It is worth noting that we guarantee to our clients the correctness of filling out the reports and delivering them in the regulated time.


The guarantee of the company's operation without any problems is the right choice of specialist, on the shoulder of which will be the preparation and delivery of reports.

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