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Registration services

Registration and liquidation of business entities:

The registration of business entities consists in the obligatory implementation of the relevant legal actions for the purpose of their legalization, that is, the provision to entities of the formally-defined legal features of the subject. Art. 42, the Constitution of Ukraine establishes that everyone has the right to entrepreneurial activity which is not prohibited by law. In order to run your business legally, you must register in accordance with the law, as an individual entrepreneur or as a legal entity. A person who intends to engage in business should choose any organizational and legal form of activity, in accordance with the Commercial Code of Ukraine (Article 45).


An entity is subject to state registration as a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur in accordance with the procedure established by the Law "On State Registration of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs" dated May 15, 2003, concerning registration of LTD, PO, PE, IE. Citizens associations (associations, corporations, consortia, concerns, holdings, local community organizations and local charities, cooperatives, associations of co-owners of a multi-apartment building (ACMH).


Our services:

• Registration of LTD, PO - from 900 UAH.
• Registration of the IE - from 550 UAH.
• Registration of the Subsidiary - from 2000 UAH.
• Registration of a Public Organization is from 3000 UAH.
• Registration of the Charitable Fund - from 3000 UAH.


Liquidation LTD, PO:


The main stages of the liquidation procedure:

• A liquidation decision is made.
•  A liquidation commission is appointed.
•  Information is entered into the state register regarding the beginning of the liquidation procedure.
•  The relevant documents are submitted to the State Tax Service.
•  An enterprise tax audit is conducted on the availability of debt to the budget.
•  Bank account closed.
•  Stamps and stamps are eliminated.
•  Documents are prepared and submitted according to which the company is excluded from the single state register of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.


Additional Services:

We also offer additional services for registration actions:


•  Changes to CEDA - 750 UAH.
•  Change of director - 800 UAH.
•  Changing the legal address of the subject of the business is - 800 UAH.
•  Change of the founder (founders) - 800 UAH.
•  Changing the authorized capital - 800 UAH.


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